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Published 7 months ago

I was brought in to oversee the People Department and lead an existing People Team of 9 during a 4 month period between the outgoing Director leaving and incoming Director starting.

The key deliverables of this interim directorship were:

Interim People Team Strategy

  • Developed a clear and concise interim strategy for the People Team, outlining priorities, goals, and objectives.
  • Aligned the strategy with the overall business objectives and ensured that it was achievable within the 4-month timeframe.
  • Communicated the strategy effectively to the team and stakeholders, gaining buy-in and ensuring alignment.

Interim Team Structure

  • Streamlined the organisational structure to optimise efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Identified and filled two key HR positions, ensuring continuity of operations and expertise.
  • Created a clear and transparent reporting structure, fostering accountability and collaboration.

Team Engagement and Communication

  • Regularly updated the team on progress and challenges, fostering a sense of transparency and involvement.
  • Established a cross-team support framework to encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Created an open and inclusive environment where team members felt valued and respected.

ISO Audit Outputs and HR Software Review

  • Successfully delivered the ISO audit outputs for the department, demonstrating compliance with international standards.
  • Conducted a comprehensive audit review of the HR management software, ensuring data integrity and system functionality.
  • Implemented recommendations for improvement, enhancing the effectiveness of HR processes and data management.

Overall, this interim leadership role was instrumental in providing stability, direction, and support to the People Team during a period of transition. I effectively navigated organisational change, implemented strategic initiatives, and fostered a positive and collaborative work environment. These contributions played a significant role in ensuring the smooth handover of the team to the incoming Director.