Official Racing Commentary Services - Provision into Russia and Israel

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Published 6 months ago

Working with the official international racing rights holders to spearhead the launch of daily racing services into Russia and then into Israel with localised content in Russian and Hebrew to expand the audience reach and introduce the sport to new markets.

The Russian service was broadcast from studios in the UK where we sourced and trained Russian broadcasters in horse racing commentary and terminology so that they could deliver an authentic and descriptive audio service against the official streamed picture service.

The Israeli service was broadcast and managed from studios in Tel Aviv where we employed a local horse racing expert to build and manage the commentary team.

Key deliverables:

  • Successfully managed and implemented cross-cultural teams in both Russia and Israel, ensuring localization and authenticity in commentary and operations.
  • Established good communication and strong working relationships with international rights holders, streaming partners, and local experts, ensuring seamless collaboration across diverse geographies.
  • Prioritised compliance and ethical practices by ensuring all commentary output adhered to local laws and regulations, fostering a trusted viewership experience.
  • Highlighted team-building skills by sourcing, training, and managing local broadcasters, showcasing cross-cultural expertise and adaptability.
  • Demonstrated strategic and commercial acumen by aligning project deliverables with the strategic objectives of the international rights holders.

These projects are demonstrable of my ability to handle complex projects in an international context. It also showcases my cross-cultural communication skills, stakeholder management, and strategic thinking.